THE F.E.E.D Story


In 2005 a group of discerning mums whose kids were at primary  schools in the area got together with a like minded vision of striving towards alleviating global poverty through working towards creating sustainable communities.

To see an objective like this bear fruition it was important to start with conscientizing our  own communities n youth about how fortunate they were by exposing them to the disparities in society and this often just necessitated a trip to the other side of the freeway be it Hillbrow ;Yeoville ;Alex; or Soweto to communities who were less fortunate ;and through these ideals  the F.E.E.D's  story began.

FEEDS Mission is embodied in its acronym .viz
individuals in our yearning to uplift society.

We provides cooked meals to ~300individuals on a daily basis n groceries to centers with residence based orphans or /community children's living below the breadline in outlying areas to facilitate the cooking of daily meals on site for these children ;hence providing meals for a further 400 children.
Total of -700 meals

We provide a weekly treat on s Thursday to 180 kids from the Coronstion training Centre which was the first Centre we began our Feeding outreach at
Our most fulfilling goal realized thus far at the school is our FOOD GARDEN /Mini Farm that we developed being involved in the earthworks;design ;cultivating n harvesting thus growing healthy vegetables n fruits that learners benefit from both with the nutrition it yields as well as the gardening skills they are taught ....and the harvest from the garden also goes towards feeding the impoverished in the wider community.

ANNUALLY in the month of RAMADAAN we provide meals at 22 centers for fasting individuals to partake Therof at the IFTAAR (breakfast) as a show of solidarity to those who endure n brave hunger n thirst throughout the year.

At Primary School level
We distributed school shoes /socks /beanies and stationary packs to Primary School learners in human settlements

At secondary school
We have initiatives to highlight the plight of women n the advesities facing them in the South African demographic be it as a result of Gender violence or lack of sanitary towels by collaborating with schools n other organizations to provide hygiene packs n sanitary towels where most needed.

At Tertiary Institutions we are liasing with structures /Organisations at Universities to create awareness about the importance of pursuing an education n raising funds for Bursaries as well
To approach all of the above and emphasize the importance of education as a core value FEED IS part of an International Movement called Girl Rising  whose impact goal is to alleviate  Global poverty through inspiring education ;empowerment and gender equality.

FEED acknowledges that not all students will pursue a university education hence our motivation to create opportunities for development through skills and mentorship training and entrepreniership ;

Our latest project being the THREADS OF HOPE MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME  which will afford young ladies the opportunity for learning n innovation in the sewing skills sector.